The Styled Collection

Designer Inspired Jewelry

Today we have so many choices of  how to accessorize our outfits with jewelry. Rather we choose to be classic, trendy or fashion forward our next choice is “do I use dupes (not real) or designer pieces.”


Splurging on designer handbags and shoes is a no brainer to me. When it comes to jewelry I like to say, ” I am still building my collection.”  My retail career and child bearing years has played a big part of me wearing jewelry.  I went from wearing lots of jewelry (costume) “more the better” while working in the fashion world to “less is more” well having children. (For those of you that have children or even baby sit you know littles ones love to pull on necklaces and earrings.) Now, that I am in my late thirty’s I prefer to have few nice designer pieces that create a polished look.  However, at times I  want to wear trendy pieces that pull my outfit together or make a simple outfit stand out, with out the heavy price tag.


Lets just be honest, less then 1% can afford desginer everything…So when I find a great dupe, I  have to share. The style collection offer’s designer inspired pieces with great quality. The price is fair and by fair less then the real deal.


The best part, since most my friends already know that I buy designer accessories, none of them blinked an eye. They all just assumed it was designer and not a dupe.

The Styled Collection take’s pride in their packaging.  Each piece of jewelry has it’s own felt bag for safe storing.  I bought a few pieces and it arrived in a red box with ribbon on it.  It felt like I was getting a luxury gift.


Red box The syled collection

I also like, I can by with confidence, that should I not like an item or the fit is wrong TSC offers FREE RETURN it is Easy as 1, 2, 3