Black Friday’s Top 5 Shopping Tips for Retail Clothing- From EX Retail Guru


Shopping Black Friday

After spending 15+ years working in retail management, besides being a shopper my self, I think I could say I am an expert in shopping on Black Friday. It is very easy to get caught up in the hype, over spend and have buyers remorse. Even though I know these tips.. I even still get suckered for a good deal…lol.

Here are my 5 Top Black Friday shopping tips.

1. Pre- shop the stores a few days earlier, try items on and make a list .

a. Sometimes they will hold the stuff for you, so you can just head to the cash register and pay.
b. Try it on before so you know your sizes and can just grab and pay. Fitting rooms will have long lines.
c. In more high end clothing stores that focus on clientele, They will hold your items and take a credit card to ring you up so you don’t even have to go to the store. Then you can pick up after the weekend.

2. Call to find out what the black Friday deals will be and what time the stores open.    (some mall anchor stores open earlier then the inside stores)

a. If a store is only offering 20% on full price- remember that stuff will have a deeper discount closer to Christmas
b. Most items in clothing with heavy discounts such as 50%-60% are sale items so ensure you ask which pieces the discount is on.

3. Start with stores were things are more expensive (since that is where you will save the most)

4. Have a budget– It is very easy to see a sale and think I need to get that now.

5. If you are holiday shopping have a list of who and possible ideas. This will help you keep on track and to know what to look for.

Few questions to ask your self before your shop- is the traffic, parking, standing in line worth my time?… Sometimes you can spend up to 45 minutes in lines to save $10.
Only you can value your time. Now if your heading to an designer outlet store and getting $600 bag for 50% off… yeah that may be worth it but personally if I am going to spend $100 and save only $20 but stand in line for 45 minutes I will pass.


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P.S. I don’t see stores offer door buster as much as they did in the past since everyone started opening up on thanksgiving day but that too is always a great question to ask.

Would love to here other tips and secrets to shopping Black Friday. Also, do you stay home or shop on Black Friday?