Mommy & Me dress up

At what age does dressing up become fun for a toddler?


As a boy mom who loves fashion, I am just waiting for the day to dress my little man up and have mommy and me moments matching. 


Haha …. I know what your thinking.. nailed it!  Well if you call getting two out of 100 then we did great, but it came with some work.   He gladly let me change his outfits for this shoot, but getting him to want to take a photo, that’s another story.  You just need to have patience if your going to do a photo shoot with a toddler. Sometimes the best photos are just the candid shots anyways. I suggest always have snacks and water for them if your away from home.  Make it game. The photo above he was starting to whine and did not want to be held so I just started to toss him up in the air and he started to laugh and have fun.  Was it the shot I wanted?, NO… but it came out super cute and better then the “ideal”  photo I had in my head.


Then came out fit two and he was not having it lol..

Blaize is approaching 2 in June.  He has a big personality and knows what he wants and what he doesn’t’. 


We pulled some looks for Easter so see which would be a go to fit his personality.



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Which outfit did you like best?