Marled Tank Dress

Grab this $12 thermal ribbed tank dress before it is too late…

For me I love a tank dresses since it is not much to think about in the early mornings before I have had time to have my coffee, or I am showering quickly after yoga and need to pick up my son from school.   This marled tank dress is effortless.  It is easy to just throw on and run some errands or head to the mall for a try on session, there are no layers on, easy on easy off.



The dress is two toned ribbed style along with a scoop neck.  Your will bra will fit perfect underneath it since it is a tank style.  The dress frames the body and allows you to move around comfortable.  


This dress is a wear now dress for warmer climates or add some booties & sweater to give it a fall feel due to the thermal texture of the material.


The marled tank dress is offered in 3 colors pink as I am wearing, along with tan and Mustard CLICK HERE for the link.