Little White Dress & The Secret Piece

If you are like me then you love a little white dress until you look in the mirror and it is see through.


When I was younger it was called a “slip” that you would put underneath a dress.  Some may say  “under garment” other may use the term “shapewear” but it all sounds a bit mature to say it politely. I like to call it the “secret pieces.” It creates a mystery feeling and evokes a play attitude. No matter what I am wearing I always want to feel confident and a bit sexy. So rather I am wearing something white and don’t want my outfit to be see through or I just need a little extra support I need to have options.

I am sure many of you have heard of Spanx and yes this will do the trick but what if you don’t need all that extra control.  I  personal am not a fan of Spanx and some of you may love it and that’s ok. We are all entitled to own opinions.  I do love Wolford’s collection of  “secret pieces” AKA Lingerie with shaping effects or otherwise know as “shapewear”. The first reason, I love their pieces b/c they offer  different levels of control: light, medium, and tight. Second, they offer sexy options. Third it is super comfortable.


With my white fitted dress from Nordstrom’s my “secret piece” is a half-skirt  from the indidviual nature  collection.  (which I wore under my breast and it still fell below my hips) The material is soft and silky along with gently shaping my feminine figure, fitting like a second skin beneath my outfit.

Wolford Indiviual Nature forming skirt.htm


Wolford offers a few other piece in this same material that provide a light fit, with     shaping effect all while keeping your white pieces not see through.


I would love to hear your comments or other shapewear pieces that you love to wear…


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