Back to School Tears

I have a 5th Grader..         As if my son turning 10 this summer wasn’t hard enough, back to school starts  today. 


Back to school means summer is over in theory. I know most moms are excited for their children to go back to school, however, NOT ME! No more lazy mornings, no late night movies, no long vacations, no last minute trips. The school year for us means being on a schedule, packing lunches, sports practices, weekend games, tutor sessions and the awful dreaded HOMEWORK….

1st Day of 5th Grade-

For a week now, I have been holding back the tears every time we discuss the new school year but today I put on my water proof mascara knowing  that this is the last time I will be walking him into school as an elementary student, most likely the last time I will get to see his classroom on the 1st day of school, and the last time I will get to take his picture at his desk.



Where has the time gone I wonder. Wishing I just could turn back the clock or slow the time down. However, I know each new year, brings new life lessons along this journey.

Outfit details:


Dress: Forever 21 |Flats : Valentino Via Neiman Marcus |Water Proof Mascara: Loreal