Day Dates

I love mid afternoon dates with my loved one for many reasons. For start, I can wear something that is light color but still sexy.  I don’t have to wait till Sunday Brunch to wear a cute day outfit.  (Traditionally,  going on a date a night always has a certain look.  Now depending on place or city that look can change too. )In South Florida it is hot, sunny (most of the time) so light, bright colors work great.


Day dates allow me to still put my children to bed. To be able to kiss them, snuggle with them, talk to them about their day.  A day date allows me to go to  bed at my normal bed time, so I don’t through off the whole next day.  I need my 8-9 hours of sleep each night. So 7am comes around early.

My Finance and I are foodies.  So for us a normal date involves eating and having cocktails.  Other great options are outdoor sports, shopping together, movies, etc… anything away from the kids right….

Outfit Details linked below:

Dress: Amazon | Shoes: Christian Louboutin  |Wallet: Ted Baker