Chanel & Pearls

Like most little girls, I too played dress with my mothers pearls.  Now as adult myself, I sometimes wonder if wearing them makes me look like my grandmother? I ask am I out dating my self?

Chanel and Pearls

Every Day is a Fashion Show and the World is the Runway– By Coco Chanel.

Wearing pearls has to be with  the right outfit.  It needs to be the statement piece. They can be placed with a reto or classic and romantic outfit.  This Spring Summer you will see a lot of young designers using pearls in a different ways then the traditional necklace.  You will see a lot of headbands, hair clips, pendants to even being on shoe and handbags. No matter what your style is you can never go wrong with pairing it back to a Chanel handbag. I specifically love this cross body.  It allows me to wear and go, so perfect for being at party and socializing or volunteering at school.