Holiday Traditions with Bass Pro Shop

Traditional Holiday Photo with Santa


Unless someone shares with you, or you happen to be an outdoors person that shops at Bass Pro Shop you would never know there was a Santa photo opportunity.


Starting some time in Nov. Santa arrives and a small portion of there shop turns into a winter wonderland land.  Due to long to long lines there is additional actives for the young ones. There is coloring, block building, sand play, and even fish to look at. Additionally, they give you a complimentary kids meal pass to one of their restaurants. See below for a link to find out more info.

BEST OF ALL THE PHOTO IS COMPLIMETARY….if you need additional photos you can pay for additionally photos and are given the link to purchase online. Lines do get long so plan accordingly. You get one photo shoot for the family. I wasn’t a fan of our photo but I didn’t press the issue to have it retaken since I was so hot and hungry lol. Plus, I really only wanted Blaize to be in the photo but he was at his cranky hour and already not wanting to sit with Santa.  I also know we would revisit Santa another time to capture a photo alone of him.


To the North Pole to find out if we have been naughty or nice? Comment below what list you think we made it on?


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Happy Holidays

I would love to hear what holiday traditions you do? Let me know if you will head to Bass Pro Shop Santas Wonderland  Also Kids Eat FREE CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE INFO


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Black Friday’s Top 5 Shopping Tips for Retail Clothing- From EX Retail Guru


Shopping Black Friday

After spending 15+ years working in retail management, besides being a shopper my self, I think I could say I am an expert in shopping on Black Friday. It is very easy to get caught up in the hype, over spend and have buyers remorse. Even though I know these tips.. I even still get suckered for a good deal…lol.

Here are my 5 Top Black Friday shopping tips.

1. Pre- shop the stores a few days earlier, try items on and make a list .

a. Sometimes they will hold the stuff for you, so you can just head to the cash register and pay.
b. Try it on before so you know your sizes and can just grab and pay. Fitting rooms will have long lines.
c. In more high end clothing stores that focus on clientele, They will hold your items and take a credit card to ring you up so you don’t even have to go to the store. Then you can pick up after the weekend.

2. Call to find out what the black Friday deals will be and what time the stores open.    (some mall anchor stores open earlier then the inside stores)

a. If a store is only offering 20% on full price- remember that stuff will have a deeper discount closer to Christmas
b. Most items in clothing with heavy discounts such as 50%-60% are sale items so ensure you ask which pieces the discount is on.

3. Start with stores were things are more expensive (since that is where you will save the most)

4. Have a budget– It is very easy to see a sale and think I need to get that now.

5. If you are holiday shopping have a list of who and possible ideas. This will help you keep on track and to know what to look for.

Few questions to ask your self before your shop- is the traffic, parking, standing in line worth my time?… Sometimes you can spend up to 45 minutes in lines to save $10.
Only you can value your time. Now if your heading to an designer outlet store and getting $600 bag for 50% off… yeah that may be worth it but personally if I am going to spend $100 and save only $20 but stand in line for 45 minutes I will pass.


You can also read how to style your flannel all year by click here  

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P.S. I don’t see stores offer door buster as much as they did in the past since everyone started opening up on thanksgiving day but that too is always a great question to ask.

Would love to here other tips and secrets to shopping Black Friday. Also, do you stay home or shop on Black Friday?

Trend Alert- Faux Fur Vest to dress up any basic piece


Faux Fur Vest to dress up any basic piece.

It may not be cold here in South Florida, but there is no stopping me from having a FAll/WINTER look. Instead of long sleeve I used a short sleeve top with this faux fur vest. I love my white denim! So YES, I am wearing white after labor day. Best way to wear white after labor day is to mix it with seasonal items.

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What is your go to favorite FALL /WINTER clothing?

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I love wearing a hat on bad hair.  A floppy or Fedora hat gives you an elevated look to compliment your outfit.  For me wearing wide brim felt hat also helps create a fall look while I am wearing a cami and jeans.  Finding a hat is never easy so I am sharing some photos that you can click the link directly to shop.

Happy Shopping



Style Your Plaid Flannel all Year


Plaid flannels are perfect for Fall and Winter but they can be worn all year round if paired correctly. I love this black and white tunic flannel since the colors are classic and it has a very feminine twist with the buttons on the side to create angles and curves. For Fall, I paired this with leggings and added boots.

During any season you can simply add this flannel over any dress to added color and texture.  I kept to a black dress and added black booties to create more of a casual look. This look is another way I can feel like I am wearing Fall Pieces in 80 degree weather in South Florida during November.


For spring and/or summer adding white changes the feel of the plaid flannel. Again, this is a great way for those in warmer weather to have a “fall look” but dressed for the hot weather.  Yes, you can wear white all year just add some “Fall Feel Pieces” like a plaid flannel.




Here are a few links that you can shop for similar Tunic Flannels just click on the photo.

Thanks for stopping by.

Leave a comment and share how you love to wear your plaid flannel!


Winter Hat/Beanie Round Up


Here are some of my Top picks for winter hats this year.  Rather you want slouchy or straight up…. one thing they all have in common is a pom pom top. Click the link in photo to bring you to the site so you can make your purchase before they are sold out.

Offered in 10 different colors and Ships PRIME for $11.99

Offered in 10 different colors and Ships PRIME for $12.99

You will have a multiply colors to chose from plus you can chose  to have faux or real fur. Faux fur is $12.99 and Real Fur is $15.99.  Here are a few colors to choose from.

Lets not forget our leopard, but hurry and order b/c they will take a little longer to ship price range $12.99-$13.99


Happy Hat Shopping

P.S. I would love to hear from you what is your favorite hat above or share a link to your favorite hat for me to review.

Knitted Infinity Scarf


Although it is not cold here in Florida for scarf weather, I am linking some similar scarfs to the one I wore in NY. So rather you live in cold weather, traveling to cold weather, OR will even wear when it hits high 60’s low 70’s… her are some options.



Amazon knitted scraf


 CLICK HERE                                                                          CLICK HERE

Just remember for those of you in the warmer weather, stores down south do not carry as much winter items and will sale out fast. So if you are planning that trip in February, don’t wait until then to get your cold weather items b/c they will be gone.


Happy Shopping

P.S. Would love to hear your comments or suggestions on where you buy your winter items.