Glowing Skin

Glowing skin is the results of proper skin care. It means you can wear less makeup, and allow the skin to shine through.

I started to use beautycounter back In Jan 2019. I am not going to lie I was a little skeptical at 1st and thought this is just another brand. However, once I tried the product I fell in love immediately. The 1st item was the Cleansing Balm, It was the one step be all. It would remove my back and cleanse my face, then I could use it for a night cream. As a mom of two I just get lazy a night to take care of me. So this was a win/win.

I began to try more items, the Lip Intense Lip Stick, Charcoal Mask, Resurfacing Peel and so on.. The more items I tried, the more research I did. Finally I did it, I created my own type of skin care routine. I still am not one to do a 5 step regimen, but using product that is safer, cleaner and free of over 1500 potentially harmful ingredients/chemicals has made a big difference in my skin.

Below is an example of my beautycounter skincare routines I use and why:

Night- with Make up I will use the Makeup Wipes or Cleansing Balm it just depends how tried I am. If I am not wearing makeup I will use the Countermatch cleansing milk,. (this has a strange texture, but perfect for a quick cleanse. I then dab the Facial Oil on my skin ensuring not to rub. I let that set while I brush my teeth then apply some Countermatch night cream. Twice a week I like to use the Resurfacing peel at night (I promise it is not intense as it sounds) this helps with any age or dark spots, along with acne scaring. It takes the dullness out of your skin and the next morning my skin feels smooth. Sometimes I add night cream on top and others nights I choose not to. No reason why.

Morning- I will use the Nourishing Cream Exfoliator 3 days a week other wise I just use the Countermatch cleansing milk. Next, I add the Countermatch serum this adds a boost of immediate hydration and has vitamin C in it. If I am not wearing foundation I will add some Facial oil to give me glow. If I am going to apply a matte foundation then I skip to the Countermatch Adaptive Lotion, which is light weight but offers a lot of hydration. Additionally, once a week I use the Charcoal Mask to suck out the impurities and free radicals that my skin collects.

Summer Pink, Reds & Sparkle

Who said Sequence is only for winter? The moment I saw this Cami I thought bring on the sparkle. Sharing all pieces that I fell in love with from Express in pink and red. Follow me on Instagram @walk_in_my_heels and I will keep you up to date when these pieces go on sale.

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Nothing better then a boyfriend blazer to elevate your casual look. I am loving the tie know on the my tees this summer to avoid tucking them in. You can also add this blazer over a romper to wear to the office 9-5 but be ready for happy hour or where the evening takes you in this red romper.

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Mommy & Me dress up

At what age does dressing up become fun for a toddler?


As a boy mom who loves fashion, I am just waiting for the day to dress my little man up and have mommy and me moments matching. 


Haha …. I know what your thinking.. nailed it!  Well if you call getting two out of 100 then we did great, but it came with some work.   He gladly let me change his outfits for this shoot, but getting him to want to take a photo, that’s another story.  You just need to have patience if your going to do a photo shoot with a toddler. Sometimes the best photos are just the candid shots anyways. I suggest always have snacks and water for them if your away from home.  Make it game. The photo above he was starting to whine and did not want to be held so I just started to toss him up in the air and he started to laugh and have fun.  Was it the shot I wanted?, NO… but it came out super cute and better then the “ideal”  photo I had in my head.


Then came out fit two and he was not having it lol..

Blaize is approaching 2 in June.  He has a big personality and knows what he wants and what he doesn’t’. 


We pulled some looks for Easter so see which would be a go to fit his personality.



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Which outfit did you like best?

Holiday Traditions with Bass Pro Shop

Traditional Holiday Photo with Santa


Unless someone shares with you, or you happen to be an outdoors person that shops at Bass Pro Shop you would never know there was a Santa photo opportunity.


Starting some time in Nov. Santa arrives and a small portion of there shop turns into a winter wonderland land.  Due to long to long lines there is additional actives for the young ones. There is coloring, block building, sand play, and even fish to look at. Additionally, they give you a complimentary kids meal pass to one of their restaurants. See below for a link to find out more info.

BEST OF ALL THE PHOTO IS COMPLIMETARY….if you need additional photos you can pay for additionally photos and are given the link to purchase online. Lines do get long so plan accordingly. You get one photo shoot for the family. I wasn’t a fan of our photo but I didn’t press the issue to have it retaken since I was so hot and hungry lol. Plus, I really only wanted Blaize to be in the photo but he was at his cranky hour and already not wanting to sit with Santa.  I also know we would revisit Santa another time to capture a photo alone of him.


To the North Pole to find out if we have been naughty or nice? Comment below what list you think we made it on?


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Happy Holidays

I would love to hear what holiday traditions you do? Let me know if you will head to Bass Pro Shop Santas Wonderland  Also Kids Eat FREE CLICK THIS LINK FOR MORE INFO


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Black Friday’s Top 5 Shopping Tips for Retail Clothing- From EX Retail Guru


Shopping Black Friday

After spending 15+ years working in retail management, besides being a shopper my self, I think I could say I am an expert in shopping on Black Friday. It is very easy to get caught up in the hype, over spend and have buyers remorse. Even though I know these tips.. I even still get suckered for a good deal…lol.

Here are my 5 Top Black Friday shopping tips.

1. Pre- shop the stores a few days earlier, try items on and make a list .

a. Sometimes they will hold the stuff for you, so you can just head to the cash register and pay.
b. Try it on before so you know your sizes and can just grab and pay. Fitting rooms will have long lines.
c. In more high end clothing stores that focus on clientele, They will hold your items and take a credit card to ring you up so you don’t even have to go to the store. Then you can pick up after the weekend.

2. Call to find out what the black Friday deals will be and what time the stores open.    (some mall anchor stores open earlier then the inside stores)

a. If a store is only offering 20% on full price- remember that stuff will have a deeper discount closer to Christmas
b. Most items in clothing with heavy discounts such as 50%-60% are sale items so ensure you ask which pieces the discount is on.

3. Start with stores were things are more expensive (since that is where you will save the most)

4. Have a budget– It is very easy to see a sale and think I need to get that now.

5. If you are holiday shopping have a list of who and possible ideas. This will help you keep on track and to know what to look for.

Few questions to ask your self before your shop- is the traffic, parking, standing in line worth my time?… Sometimes you can spend up to 45 minutes in lines to save $10.
Only you can value your time. Now if your heading to an designer outlet store and getting $600 bag for 50% off… yeah that may be worth it but personally if I am going to spend $100 and save only $20 but stand in line for 45 minutes I will pass.


You can also read how to style your flannel all year by click here  

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P.S. I don’t see stores offer door buster as much as they did in the past since everyone started opening up on thanksgiving day but that too is always a great question to ask.

Would love to here other tips and secrets to shopping Black Friday. Also, do you stay home or shop on Black Friday?

Trend Alert- Faux Fur Vest to dress up any basic piece


Faux Fur Vest to dress up any basic piece.

It may not be cold here in South Florida, but there is no stopping me from having a FAll/WINTER look. Instead of long sleeve I used a short sleeve top with this faux fur vest. I love my white denim! So YES, I am wearing white after labor day. Best way to wear white after labor day is to mix it with seasonal items.

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What is your go to favorite FALL /WINTER clothing?